Helps improve focus and calms the mind by activating a state of

About the Founder

Inventor and owner Renee Benn of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania created the LaKONA stone by Pick ‘N Peel Stones as a non-pharmaceutical way for those who struggle with anxiety, skin picking and attention deficit disorders to find relief.

She is thrilled to learn how her stones have helped people all over the world and continues to develop new products to meet the needs of her clients.

About Lakona

The LaKONA by Pick ‘N Peel Stones Sensory Stone Kit was created and curated for therapists, dermatologists, and other doctors to provide sensory and calming therapy
options to patients.

Things to know

We are a proud partner of Beaver
County Rehabilitation Center. BCRC is a local, non-profit organization that provides individuals in the greater Pittsburgh region who suffer from intellectual, psychiatric, physical and developmental disabilities a place of community, therapy and meaningful work.

Our retail version, Pick ‘N Peel Stones, has sold over 25,000 stones world-wide and continues to help people everyday.

The LaKONA stone was exclusively created for doctors, therapists and school organizations in order to benefit those who may need them within a controlled setting.

LaKONA Usage

Provides an outlet for anxious minds; those with skin-picking tendencies and anyone else who needs a sensory fidget

Gives a tangible and completable task allowing the mind to redirect and focus

Delivers instant gratification and increased focus to those with attention deficits

Creates a healthy outlet for picking urges

The LaKONA Kit

How it Works

  • Each LaKONA Sensory Stone is hand-picked for its unique nooks and crannies and comes filled with a latex-based filler made in the USA exclusively for us
  • One side is filled to pick with the LaKONA Picker tools and the other side is designed to be picked and peeled with your fingers – giving two sensory experiences in one
  • Once your LaKONA stone is empty, you can refill each side to pick and peel over and over again

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